Monday, March 30, 2009

This just in!

! New Inks !
Cosmic Crystals
This ink is pretty cool. It is a clear ink with hexagonal glitter flakes that refract light in different colors depending on the angle it is viewed. With the base being clear, this ink can be printed on top of any color and gives special effects to your design.

Glow in the Dark
This level of awesome explains itself. Like the Cosmic Crystals, glow in the dark is an overprint ink which allows any color to be printed underneath it. However, the intensity of glow depends on how light the under print is. Basically, white ink is best laid down first.

Reflective Silver
Silver in color this ink is offers high reflectivity. Though higher in price, this ink will enhance visibility at night and provide a level of safety for your customers. Perfect for after dark delivery drivers. Use this ink to give your design or logo appeal to bikers and pedestrians.

! New Services !

Whether you know or not, Rebel Cricket has offered custom one inch buttons since 2005. We are happy to announce 1.5” buttons are here. When what you need to say won’t fit in a 1” circle or 1” just doesn’t do your logo justice, try the 1.5” button. Both sizes are available with traditional pin or magnetic backing. Call for pricing.

That’s all for now, I look forward to hearing from you in 2009.
Cory Knudson-Rebel Cricket Screen Prints

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redisme said...

Hi Cory,
My name is Red and I am trying to get a hold of you about an account with rebel cricket. My instructor Nate contacted you and has worked with you. Please email me at so we can discuss further business.
Thank You,